"Stronger."  That she is.  Mary has come back with a hot song.  Stronger is a very touching song, very inspirational.  If you havent heard it, go peep it and remember to tell us what you think.
Okay guys, its official! Mikes signed with the Eagles!  How do you guys feel about this one?
Well Jay dropped another one on us.  He, Kanye, and fellow label mate Rihanna "Run this town tonight."  I love the vibe to this song.  If you havent already, check out the song and leave some feedback.  If you have already, tell us what you think!
Theres a live video of this one.  Beyonce and Jay Z were out and the paps set up a camera to take pics of the couple walking past.  Sources say that security didnt like this, so he, well you view the video and give us your take.  I felt sorry for poor Beyonce.  She just kept walking.  What about you guys?
Snoop has been caught by the paps dancing a lil bit to close.  The pics show him dancing with a young woman and another with his face in her brerasts.  Now this could be him just having a little bit to much to drink and partying to hard.  I hope so!  What do you guys think? 
Well people, weve heard that Ashanti and Nelly have split!  Ouch!  From what weve heard, Ashanti has been spotted with, get this....Juelz Santana!  Yep!  Nelly has been heard to be seeing, Jessica Rabbit and Melody Thornton.  Well at least they have both moved on.  Lol!  This was such a cute couple to me, and they lasted for four years, which is a long term for a celeb relationship.  So how are you guys feeling about this break up, and do you hope that the couple will make up?