Okay, now that youve heard the track, tell us if you like it, and who killed it! 
Okay, this is something new from Jay.  He calls it "Ghetto Techno".  What do you guys think of it?  Yah or Nay?  We wanna know!  Post up!
Hey guys, so what do you think?  Couple or not?  Lets talk!
Now come on guys, lets give it up for The Dream, this is a great accomplishment!  And he loves Christina, who doesnt?  Leave your thoughts here!
Okay fans of the Fall Out Boys!  Patrick was arrested for driving without a licence in West Hollywood.  His bail was $15,000, which he posted and was released later the same day.  How are we feeling guys?
Okay, Juelz was arrested on 08/26/2009 for a domestic, how are you guys feeling about this one?
Okay fellow bloggers, are you goo goo or Gaga?  Lol Lady Gaga, need I say more?  Shes killing everything she sings on!  Get em Gaga!  What do you think of the new hot artist and her music and style?
Okay people, Dr Conrad Murray may be in a lot of trouble here.  Sounds like he may have administered a deadly dosage that mayve killed Michael.  It hasnt been confirmed yet, but he may/can be charged with manslaughter.  Ouch, scarey!  Lets discuss how your feeling about this.
Wow News couldnt go without showing respect to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.  We will miss you in body but your spirit will forever live on!  Leave a message below if you'd like to show tribute or your favorite MJ song below.  Thanks in advance!
The ladies are back again with a new season of Daddys Girls!  I love this show. Lol I think that its great that these two sisters love each other so much and they set out to be successful and making a name for themselves! Go ladies.  What do you guys think of these ladies and the past/present shows?